Envelope Printing

Envelope printing: Why do you need to print on envelopes?

When it comes to brand awareness, envelope printing and getting your message across a first impression really can be a lasting impression.

It’s fundamental when sending our promotional literature that your brand is visible and that you build trust with whom you are engaging with. This alone is a very good reason why you should be looking at envelope printing as a promotion tool for your business.

Personalised Envelopes

It’s important that you include a core message and make use of different colours to ensure your brand stands out. The use of fluorescent colours and special pantone can be a great benefit which can only enchance your brand. It would also be very prudent and wise to include some content related to the content of envelope.

To Mail or not to Mail

You have decided that you would like to produce some promotional literature, but what sort of envelopes do you produce?

Now this really does depend on a few different factors, 1) The size of the item you want to insert into the envelope 2) If you are going to require the services of a mailing house 3) What quality you are looking to produce.

So to help you answer the above, we can recommend the following 1) Before producing the items to insert into your envelope ensure you have checked the standard sizes (as below) It works out a lot more expensive to produce a non-standard size envelope. 2) If you are going to be producing more than 1000 envelope its might be more cost efficient to use the services of a mailing house, they would also advice you to purchase gummed envelopes to speed up the process 3) Like most items that you would order the larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price.

Standard sizes of Envelopes

What are the different types of envelopes. request a quote today for your next batch of printing

Envelope Printing Size Guide
Envelope Printing Size Guide