4 Reasons Print is Still Cool

Why Use Printed

In this digital world why use print? People are being bombarded with social media, emails and online content. The message which is trying to be put across can really get lost amongst various digital platforms.

Print has special advantages when connecting with your brain.

The physical aspect of print really does enhance trust levels with a brand or product. There has been lots of research and Roger Dooley has produced a great article in Forbes about this.


Print is relatively cheap (Another Reason to use Print)

There has been a huge surge in online printing companies who can offer reduced printing costs because they tend to be specialists in areas such as brochure printing. This means they already have presses set up specifically for certain printed products. If you wanted to reduce costs you could also work with a print management company.


Give your products and services the real wow factor.

Innovative printed products can really have a great impact when they are received, which is a great reason alone why use print. Printed items can be die cut to shape and specialist packaging can be produced to enhance your brand and services. Fluorescent and metallic colours and foils can also be integrated into printed items. Engaging augmented reality can also be used with printed material to help with data capture.


Digital Printing standards have really increased (Another reason why use print)

As a direct result of increased digital standards, you can now print smaller quantities without wastage. This is a bonus because you are producing less and therefore saving a huge amount of money. The quality of digital printing compared to lithographic printing really is marginal due to technological advancements within the printing industry.

why use print